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In 1949 he suggested they star together in Adam and Evelyne, in which a penniless orphan is raised with the support of a mysterious benefactor.It proved a perfect showcase for the couple, and demonstrated Simmons' expert handling of romantic comedy.The couple became good friends, and the following year their rapport was even more apparent in the screen version of the stage musical, Guys and Dolls.Producer Sam Goldwyn, recognising the spark they generated, decided against his original plan to have the pair's singing dubbed, and let them sing for themselves.Shortly afterwards, she went to Hollywood, where she and Deborah Kerr were the only two British actresses of the time to achieve truly international stardom – a few years later they were joined by the Anglo-Dutch Audrey Hepburn.Her first marriage, to the actor Stewart Granger, ended in 1960 when she divorced him to marry director Richard Brooks, who later recalled, "Every man I would meet would say to me, 'I have always loved your wife.'" The youngest of four children, she was born Jean Merilyn Simmons in Crouch Hill, London, in 1929.

(Labour laws necessitated that the performer be over 14 years old.) "She had such intuitive talent," said Guest.

She was ravishingly enigmatic as the passionate slave girl lusting after an Indian prince (Sabu) in Black Narcissus (1947).

In 1950 she topped a poll as the most popular British actress.

Granger departed for Hollywood laterin 1949 after being signed by MGM, and in 1950 Simmons joined him when cast by Gabriel Pascal in a screen version of Shaw's Androcles and the Lion.

Granger and the actress Elspeth March had divorced in 1948, and in December 1950 he and Simmons eloped to Tucson.

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