Are piercings intimidating

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I’d visited the original before, and, in all honesty—the Elizabeth Street location is a whole new bag, baby.

While beautiful fine jewelry from mostly-local designers has always been a focus for owner Lori Leven, she’s now expanded the offerings to home and beauty—including Embryolisse creams and Intelligent Nutrients essential oils.

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None of the jewelry in the store is cheap—chalk it up to the premium value of gold at the moment—and the piercing jewelry is no exception, unless you go for surgical stainless steel, which is the most popular option for the initial round.There’s something in the air this summer that has all of my friends hankering for a piercing: a second earlobe hole (eighth grade-style), a cartilage loop, even a nipple ring (barbell, rather—chicer than a hoop). Colby Smith, the in-house needle wizard at , isn’t surprised: “Piercings always come in waves—I believe that there’s a mass consciousness, that somehow people just pick up on,” he says.“There are certain weeks where there are obvious influxes of one thing.I’ve always wanted to chart it, like do a Piercing Almanac or something.[Laughs]” A piercing almanac is just the sort of thing that might be sold at , a tattoo and piercing studio on 2nd Avenue, which is temporarily closed for renovations.

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