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Taylor's Rough, Wellmeadow Wood, Warburton's Wood And Well Wood are examples of clough woodland too small for inclusion in this list.Most of the ancient woodland in the county is in units smaller than 10 ha and 65% of the area is in woods smaller than 5 ha.Woodland covers seven per cent of the land area of the county.The Friends of St Mary's is a fundraising group which exists to support the work of St Mary's Church, Henlow: please read on to find out who we are, what we do and how you can help; and see our News page to find out what we've been doing...

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Membership of The Friends is open to anyone who wishes to help the regular congregation with the ever-rising cost of maintaining Henlow's beautiful and ancient parish church.

Membership details may obtained from: Mrs Jackie Painter, 6 Oak Drive, Henlow SG16 6BX (tel 01462 811795). Becoming a Friend of St Mary’s doesn’t involve attending services or taking part in any other church activities – unless, of course, you want to, in which case you can always be sure of a warm welcome!

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