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Knowing as much as you can about the particular area you plan to visit in Brazil before you get there will make your entire trip more rewarding and enjoyable.

If your Brazilian travel plans span different states or areas, you also may want to consider buying and carrying a Brazilian road map (bought either before you go or as soon as you arrive in Brazil) because it will help your better understand where you are at any given moment.

Additionally, many cities, states and areas in Brazil have English web sites packed with information and resources.

Just do a search on Google, Yahoo or your favorite search engine for a specific state, city or locale.rovides a broad range of information about various areas and locations you may want to consider visiting.

Additionally, many travel agents are well versed in traveling to and in Brazil and can advise you about specific locations that may be of interest to you.

If you require a visa, it can be obtained by application to the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate having jurisdiction for your specific area of residence.

Once issued, a visa must be used to enter Brazil within 90 days of its issue date.

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