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Vivid Entertainment co-chairman and founder, Steven Hirsch, says that while in office, they received a call from unknown person who told them that he was in procession of a celebrity sex footage.

He says that one of the staff who received the call set up a date to meet the said person and talk about the video.

He said that unlike many other individuals who would try leaking stories to the media about themselves for them to get coverage, Kim Kardashian has never done so.

Ben Widdicombe, a native Australian, and a journalist who has worked with the New York for a very long time, who was the very first person to write the news about this sex tape in the New York Daily News column he writes.

This is the same porn company Kim Kardashian had earlier sued to stop it from releasing the sex tape to the general public, but had the suit was ultimately settled.

Though Kim got famous as a result of the infamous celebrity sex tape, saying Kim has tremendously transformed the American culture is not by any way exaggeration.

He goes to say that Kim Kardashian’s beauty struck him and that this girl already looked like a star but said he had heard of this beautiful girl.

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Kim Kardashian was not part to this and he thought that the person or persons having this video only wanted to have it sold.One early morning, while Dickson and the touch weekly magazine staff were in the editorial meeting, Dickson says that they received an alert about a certain story which was published and said that Kim Kardashian has a sex tape out on sale.Dickson says that he tried calling Kim, but could not get her because she had left the country for Australia and as a result he had to wait due to the huge time difference.Kim Kardashian had become good of friends with Kevin Dickson, who is a former touch weekly editor, and according to him, Kim would at all times tell him a lot about herself and he always promised to give her coverage only for the other editors to later back out which made it pretty hard to get her any form of coverage.Kardashian later opted to get on “The Simple Life” which was among the conditions touch weekly editors had given to her to at least make them be in a position to have her receive coverage in the touch weekly magazine.

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