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If drafted before graduation, he will at least have completed a greater part of his work than would be the case under normal conditions. Shaw, an alumnus of the University of Kentucky and Tampa University, is with the St.

Freshman registration for the Summer Session will be on June 12. J., on October 21, and they are living at 836 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, X.

Co-chairmen of the faculty committee (Continued on page 6) Dr. Every dollar that an alumnus or friend now gives during the Development Cam- paign will bring another into the Univer- sity. D., a heart spe- cialist, is assistant in medicine at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Thomas F. We welcome communications or in- terviews with anyone interested in the establishment of any kind of trust. at Maynard * Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DUKE ALUMNI REGISTER, January, 1951 [ Page 21 ] Weeks Motors Inc. Telephone F-139 Durham, North Carolina Your Lincoln and Mercury Dealer in Durham BUDD-PIPER ROOFING CO.

Two great acts of generosity, which were also expressions of confidence in Duke's ability to give increased service to mankind through intensified programs of education and research, have brought be- fore alumni and friends an exceptional opportunity to help Duke build for the future.

The final delegate vote for the nomination happens on Sunday, May 29.

m m l 'Make this Mildness test and you'll smoke Chesterfields like I do* says- Open em • Smell em Smoke em Compare Chesterfield with any other cigarette Make your next pack Chesterfield. ..smell that milder tobacco aroma- no other cigarette has it. He is also an alumnus of Emory University, and has taught in Georgia and Florida public schools and at Charleston, S.

Smoke Chesterfield and prove what every tobacco man knows ...tobaccos that SMELL MILDER -Smoke Milder BACK STAGE.

ALAN IADD AND MONA FREEMAN ENJOYING THEIR CHESTERFIELDS BETWEEN SHOTS WHILE FILMING "BRANDED" . PARAMOUNT'S NEW TECHNICOLOR PRODUCTION- BOTH ARE STEADY CHESTERFIELD SMOKERS. MYEES (HAZEL HAYXES) of 5613 Cross Country Boulevard, Baltimore 9, Md., have an- nounced the birth of a daughter, Laura, on Xovember 25. Y., and they are living at 3026 — 149th Street, Flushing.

MONA FREEMAN / co-sfarring with Alan~ladd in "BRAN DEE* A Paramount Pro Mction Color by Technimlor Always Buy Chesterfield Smells MILDER * Smokes MILDER */K? Information Center OLC-WB, Stuttgart APO 154, c/o Postmaster, N. As the twins recently celebrated their second birthday, it occurs to me that I haven't let you know our whereabouts since we were preparing to cart them off to France three months after they joined the family. Alexander, in the Johnson Apartments on Watts Street in Durham. Ed., and her husband live at 10 Windsor Drive, Greenville, S. Lena is a teacher, and her husband, an alumnus of the University of South Carolina, is an elementary sehool principal. BEUST (ELEAXOE BBETH), '42, are living at 819 South Crescent Avenue, Cin- cinnati 29, Ohio. Visitors to the Alumni Office in Xovember included ALEX WIXTEESOX and his bride, the former Miss Gertrude Anderson, [ Page 22 ] DUKE ALUMNI REGISTER, January, 1951 who were married on November 5 in St.

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