Claes iversen online dating

According to the numbers, people who detail their personality traits as well as giving a clear sense of what they are looking for, will go on to do better than those who only write about themselves.Iversen says: “When it comes to writing about your ideal partner – our experience shows it's best to write about the kind of person you would like to meet, rather than the ones you wouldn’t.”Researchers also found that desirable traits are far more important that academic achievement, so instead of copying your CV onto your profile, you are better off describing how you see yourself.6.My Single Friend offers you the chance to ask a friend to describe you and put out a good word for you.

Here are some useful tips that are guaranteed to make you noticed.1.

Iversen adds: “There's plenty of opportunity to include full length pics of you, favourite pets, places etc.

The more photos you add to your profile the better – they really will help bring you and your profile to life.”5.

“It may sound obvious, but a shot of you smiling (and looking happy and positive), will help people warm to you.”3.

Write a strong headline This will be your selling point.

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