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Dizolvarea substantelor– factorii care influenteaza dizolvarea. – Exprimarea si calculul concentratiilor solutiilor – concentratia procentuala; concentratia molara. – Acizi (tari si slabi) si baze (tari si slabe) – constanta de aciditate, constanta de bazicitate, produsul ionic al apei.– p H-ul solutiilor apoase – determinarea caracterului acido-bazic al unei solutii cu hartie indicator de p H si cu indicatori (turnesol, metiloranj, fenolftaleina); – p H-ul solutiilor apoase de acizi monoprotici tari si baze monoprotice tari; – calculul concentratiei de ioni hidroniu – aprecierea valorii p H-ului din valoarea concentratiei ionilor hidroniu, pentru valori întregi ale p H-ului.Die Fremde von ABBA: Die ABBA-Tetralogy 4 (German Edition)1456520725Adicción Asesina (Spanish Edition)1456520873The Santa Fe Trade: Selected Newspaper Articles, 1813-18461456520938The Gurabia Man: The Armenian Version Of The Gingerbread Man (volume 1)1456521098For The Love Of Julian1456521179Alien Embrace1456521241The Goopy Ghost At Thanksgiving1456521268The Ultimate Healthy Snacks List Including Healthy Snacks For Adults & Healthy Snacks For Kids: Discover Over 130 Healthy Snack Recipes - Fruit ... 11456523031Closure1456523074The Flower1456523201Rancho Final Destination: From Tulip Fields to Gold Fields1456523236Flash II145652335XSpiritual Medicine For Physical Healing: Scriptures And Confessions For Your Health And Well Being.1456523449What About Me?Re1456521284The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness1456521306One Night In The House Of The Creepy Santas1456521357Emp Survival: : How To Prepare Now And Survive, When An Electromagnetic Pulse Destroys Our Power Grid1456521500Ten Examples Of Classical Conditioning (volume 1)1456521519Undertow1456521543The Venetian Boy1456521586Rare Earth Element1456521632Murmurs From the Underground1456522019Willows Where It Happened1456522159For Every Action: There Are Consequences1456522167The Temptation of Fate1456522507Righty, Snake And Lefty's Secret Vacation In Oz (the Adventures Of Lefty)1456522515The Christian Lifestyle: Paul's Letter to the Philippians1456522523The Car Gene1456522531Lefty Visits Oz: The Adventures of Lefty: Vol. : I Witness Biblical Commentary1456523481Blood Red Ruby: A Jeptha Frye Novel1456523546Get On Google Front Page1456523554Common Sense Christianity1456523589Something to Think About ..Lent1456523635Netflix: Striving For Customer Satisfaction1456523643Making The Cut: Minor Hockey's Little Secret's (volume 1)145652402XOut of Darkness1456524127Jacaranda Tree1456524267Blackjack: A Winning Procedure - Using Statistical Performances1456524283Police Traffic SPEED RADAR Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Speed Measuring Systems./ David und Jonathan / Das Verfahren / Kurzfilme (German Edition)1456512021Your Plan For Natural Scoliosis Prevention And Treatment: Health In Your Hands (second Edition)1456512099Market Solutions for Social and Environmental Problems: Social Policy Bonds1456512315A Dream Unfolding: Prescott Pioneers1456512323BADD: book 1 Menace to hero1456512366What My Heart Is Missing145651251XCarrying The Bottomless Basket Writing Theo/theapoetics1456512609A Study In Scarlet1456512889Funny to Us: The Book1456513095The Most Interesting Person in the World: How to Make Yourself Fascinating to Every Person You Meet1456513117The Country Kitchen1456513125Adventures In The Wild With Mike And Blackie1456513206The Yellow Fairy Book145651329XDiscovery: A Lenten Devotional1456513346Short Stories, Letters, And Essays By Robert C.

1456542516Your Defensive Handgun Training Program: A Functional Training Program For Defensive Handgun Purposes (volume 1)1456542699The Power Of Your Intercession1456542745Wrestling With Your Destiny1456542796Earth No More: Book 1-The Crossing1456542907Dark is the Night1456543016Englandcollapsed1456543180¿Cómo saber si es la pareja que quiero para mí?

: A Guide For The Newly Graduated (volume 1)1456504363Anessia's Quest1456504398Somali Pirates and Cruising Sailors: A Compilation & Rumination of Recent Events in the Indian Ocean that Impact on Cruising Yachtsmen1456504541On The Sine: a glimpse of the last survivors1456504606God Speaks Blue: ..just for teenage guys1456504614La Odisea (spanish Edition)1456504622Tantric Sex: Energy Pathways To Absolute Bliss And Ecstasy1456504703Jealousy - How To Deal With It - For Women: Key Tactics To Tackle Your Unwanted Jealousy, Insecurities And Controlling Patterns145650472XJared Weiss: The Slow Death of the Instant1456504851The Five Elements (volume 1)1456504894Joshua: Days of Destiny III1456504908One Mann Team1456504940Secrets Of An Interview: The Difference Between A Good Interview And A Great Interview: What Every Job Seeker Should Know1456504991Belly: A Brutal Bible Tale1456505157Addict America: The Lost Connection1456505165Break Out of Poverty1456505173Drum Kit Lessons: Full Of Exercises, Fills, Styles And Techniques Used By World Class Professional Drummer1456505203The Gates of Prayer: Twelve Talks on Davvenology1456505211Faith, Fire, Hope!

1456505270Reunion With The Soul1456505300Media Planning & Buying In The 21st Century (volume 1)1456505327Techniques Gouache Painting For Beginners Vol.2: Secrets Of Professional Artist (volume 2)1456505351Entidad Límite: La Armada Deidilio (Spanish Edition)1456505580Stop Suffering Needlessly: How to Quickly Recover from Depression1456505696The 25 Most Influential People in the Post-Apostolic Christian Church145650570XChinese for Young Beginners 1: Chinese/English - Bilingual Edition (Chinese Edition)1456505750Anna's Antarctica: A Combat-Fishing(TM) Book1456505769The Face of Haiti: encouraging survivors through portrait sketches after the earthquake of 20101456505874Swami Hari: I am a simple forest monk1456505882The Four Fold Gospel: A Pastoral Excursus1456505904Looking Backward: My Twenty-Five Years As A Homeschooling Mother1456505971A Bar Owner's Son: John Boehner: The American Dream, Unauthorized Biography145650598XA Jamerican Love Story (volume 1)1456506005Add & Adhd: Complementary/alternative Medicine (cam) Solutions145650617XKill Without Remorse1456506234The Gifted Ones145650634XThe Story Between Us: a mother, a daughter, and a handful of horses1456506366Obama's Secrets: How To Speak And Communicate With Power And A Little Magic1456506412A Timeless Treasure A Collection Of Poems1456506501This Man Jesus1456506595A Valentine Collection: Sweet145650665XDesert Places: A Novel of Terror1456506668Locked Doors: A Novel Of Terror1456506706Aurora Of The Sun: Aurora Wolf Literary Journal1456506749Romeo and Juliet1456506811Little Pope Peep And The Sheared Sheep: Here Are The Questions, The Evidence And The Arguments.

: (workbook)1456514091The Terrible Zombie Of Oz1456514229I Survived Gettysburg1456514393Burrito Trail1456514415Full Wolf Moon: Book I Of The Full Wolf Moon Trilogy (volume 4)1456514458Change of Season, Change of Reason1456514466Rainbows and Shades of Grey1456514504Bitten: Book II of the Full Wolf Moon Trilogy1456514563Centurion and the Yellow Cake145651458XAfternoons with Gilbert1456514903Tangerine Twist1456514954The Eagles Of Peenemunde1456515039Love Walked In1456515209I Walk the Streets Alone: Poetry from the Early Years 1990-20101456515241Grown Up Girl Talk1456515322How To Break Into Voiceover: Avoid Common Pitfalls And Learn Step By Step How To Succeed In Voiceover1456515454Alarums And Excursions: Shakespeare Looks At Some Odd Patents.1456515594Solar Radiation, the Book of Revelations and the Era of Light - Part 11456515608Go Suck A Lemon: Strategies For Improving Your Emotional Intelligence1456515705Bettina Bee and the Expedition to Seek Big Treasure1456515799Passage of the Acolyte: Part Two1456515993If I Should Die Before I Wake1456516000Wounded Healer: Metaphors & Analogies For Health & Personal Growth1456516078Listen To Your Heart: With bonus novelette - Only In My Dreams1456516175"are There Any More Numbers Out There?

": A Controversial Look At Numbers And Number Systems1456516256Scent of Danger1456516345Wolf Trap1456516450Embellishing Crazy Quilts: For Beginners1456516477Desert Wisdom: A Nomad's Guide to Life's Big Questions from the Heart of the Native Middle East1456516515A Dream, a Buck, an Era1456516582The Lemon Tree: John Henry Plumb145651668XWeb Of Lies - My Life With A Narcissist1456516868A Love Rekindled1456517031How To Create A Factory Guitar Finish With Just A Couple Of Spray Cans!

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