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Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, and Macrina the Younger Macrina the Younger, Saint - Granddaughter of St. Richard Mc Sherry Mactaris - A titular see of the Byzantine Empire Madagascar - Island situated to the south-east of Africa Madaurus - A titular see of Numidia Maderna, Carlo - Known principally by his extension of St.

Peter's, at the command of the pope, from the form of a Greek to that of a Latin cross (1556-1629) Maderno, Stefano - A sculptor of the Roman School and of the era just preceding Bernini, his contemporary (1576-1636) Madianites - An Arabian tribe introduced into history in the texts of Gen., xxv, 1-4 and I Chron., i, 32 Madras - Archdiocese in India Madrid-Alcalá - Province and town in Spain Madruzzi, Christopher - Born of a noble family of Trent, 5 July, 1512; died at Tivoli, Italy, 5 July, 1578 Madura Mission - The Madura mission owes its origin to Robert de Nobili, who commenced at Madura, in 1606, that peculiar method of propagating the faith which has made his name famous Maedoc, Saint - First bishop of Ferns, d. Aengus of the Rule of the Celidhe De Maelrubha, Saint - Abbot and martyr, died in 722 Maerlant, Jacob van - Flemish poet of the Middle Ages, b. after 1291 Maestro di Camera del Papa - The maestro di camera is the real chief chamberlain.

2 April, 1762, at Paris Marash - An Armenian Catholic Diocese Maratta, Carlo - An Italian painter, b.

in 1533 at Casas de Reina, in the district of Llerena, 66 leagues from Madrid; d. Malediction (in Scripture) - Four principal words are rendered maledictio in the Vulgate, 'curse' in Douay Version Malherbe, François - French poet, b. at Paris, 16 October, 1628 Maliseet Indians - A tribe of Algonquian stock, occupying territory upon the lower St. Croix River, and Passamaquody Bay, in western New Brunswick and northeastern Maine, and closely connected linguistically and historically with the Abnaki (Penobscot, etc.) of Maine Mallard, Ernest-François - A French mineralogist, b. 6 July, 1894, in Paris Mallinckrodt, Herman von - German parliamentarian; born 5 Feb., 1821, at Minden, Westphalia; died 26 May, 1874, at Berlin Mallinckrodt, Pauline - A sister of the Catholic political leader Hermann Mallinckrodt, and foundress of the Sisters of Christian Charity, b. at Paderborn, 30 April, 1881 Malling Abbey - Benedictine abbey in England Mallory, Stephen Russell - An American statesman; born in the Island of Trinidad, W. 73) which Tanner states to be only a copy of a chronicle written by Alfred of Beverley in the twelfth century, but which, according to Sir Thomas Hardy, is almost entirely based on that of Geoffrey of Monmouth Malo, Saint - Also called Malo or Maclovius.Charles - Irish Franciscan priest who was executed at Ruthin in Wales in 1679.Short article includes a statement by the martyr Mai, Angelo - Roman cardinal and celebrated philologist, b.626 Maelruan, Saint - Founder and first abbot of Tallacht, d. His authority extends over all matters concerning the daily personal service of His Holiness Maffei, Bernardino - Poet, orator, antiquarian (1514-1549) Maffei, Francesco - Italian painter (d.1660) Maffei, Marchese Francesco Scipione - Italian litterateur and archaeologist, b. there, 11 Feb., 1755 Maffei, Raffaelo - Humanist, historian and theologian (1451-1522) Magaud, Antoine-Dominique - French painter, b. there, 1899 Magdala - It is perhaps the Migdal-El mentioned in the Old Testament (Joshua ) belonging to the tribe of Nephtali Magdalens - The members of certain religious communities of penitent women who desired to reform their lives Magdeburg - Capital of the Prussian Province of Saxony, situated on the Elbe; pop.

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