Dating aquarius libra

The mixed messages won't go down smoothly for the ones who love you, especially a romantic partner.Think carefully before you offer unsolicited advice or your own round of "constructive criticism." If people come to you for guidance, by all means, ask the tough questions to push them out of their comfort zones.Holding in these confidential tidbits will only eat away at you.(There's a reason the 12-Steppers say that we are "only as sick as our secrets.") Warning: A rivalry with a relative could heat up near Tuesday, which could reveal the need for stricter boundaries.Libra governs partnerships, relationships and close associations.

On Tuesday, January 9 the Sun and subterranean Pluto connect at the exact degree of Capricorn, churning up feels in your home and family zone. If you've been wanting to build a closer connection to someone in your inner circle, carpe diem, Libra.If you OD'd on the terrarium trend of the past couple years, make room among the succulents for some "Jungalow" greens like a fiddle-leaf fig or a snake plant (which we hear can weather a little "Oops, I forgot to water! Mercury's strategic powers may help you figure out savvier ways to arrange the furniture in a cramped area—or even rearrange the room configuration.The biggest area doesn't HAVE to be the bedroom; a cozier nook can be all the better to sleep in. Your ruler, feather-smoothing Venus, and the Sun get into a tussle with button-pusher Uranus in Aries and your seventh house of relationships.Take the weekend off to go explore independent interests.Just don't disappear without a trace or you could leave people worried and insecure.

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