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My father helped me get my first job out of college. As I waited that night, I dusted off my great grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary album and began flipping through its pages.

On that income, my wife was able to be a stay-at-home mother. I was 6 years old at the time and couldn’t remember it, but there I was in the pictures. When the sun came up, I heard my wife coming through the front door of our Pasadena home. Although I do believe that hackers are the scourge of humanity, I appreciated his timing.

Together, we raised two wonderful children here in Pasadena. I attended two more golden 50th wedding anniversaries in my life, my grandparents’ and my parents’. She suggested that I make that appointment with the marriage counselor. I took my wife to see Ben Folds in concert recently at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

I wanted to hear him perform live “The Luckiest.” The song is about a man who struggles to express his love.

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until he steadily climbed the ladder in his career all the way to the boardroom, ending his tenure as the leader of a major automobile manufacturer. More than words, they seemed to swirl about in my mind, tangled up in the reality of my recent poor judgment.

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The dinner was brought and observed his judicial speaking reasonably, too.

Unfortunately, he didn’t sing that song that night.

So now my plan is to sing it to her at the 20th wedding anniversary party we are planning for later this year.

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