Do guys think dating younger women

You might just find yourself escaping from a clinging stalker. Or if you’re with a bunch of friends, you could just point right out at him, and all of you could burst out laughing.

[Read: How to be just friends when he wants more] Guys staring at girls – How to stop it? There are a lot of things you could do, and I’m sure you could come up with something just as nasty any day!

They hang out, almost always with friends (for confidence and support), and stare at girls.Personal encounters of guys staring at girls Ever experienced a freaky stare-y guy who just doesn’t stop staring at you? The worst part is, some guys stare until I’m out of sight.It’s so tacky, and it feels like they can really see me through my shirt! – Barbara,27 I don’t mind if a guy stares at me, as long as he’s great looking.And quite frankly, that’s just too long if it’s a loser who’s giving you a stare, or ‘the stare’.Either ways, don’t ever just stare back at someone for more than half a second.

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