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In India (during British rule) in the early 1800s, it was the practice of many to burn the widowed wife alive with her husband when he died.

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In 1414 Wycliffe was condemned as a heretic by the Church of Rome.

In 1428 his bones were exhumed from holy ground and burnt - the ashes were thrown into a tributary of the river Avon.

The Roman Catholic Church was trying to send this message out - by this act you will never be resurrected.

Molech was a god (which we know as a demonic being - as all false gods are) who the Canaanites sacrificed their living children too, passing them through the fire see Leviticus and Jeremiah . BACK A judge called Jephthah made a foolish vow before God.

He said that if God would give him victory against the people of Ammon, then whatever came out of the door of his house first on his return from battle would be offered as a burnt offering.

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