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The internet is cool and all, but sometimes it’s helpful to have friends in the outside world. Ask friends and family members if they know anyone who might be interested in language exchange. Set up a bimonthly Skype date and kill two birds with one stone: maintain your relationships and practice Spanish.

You can also explore your network and reach outside your first degree connections.

You wanted to learn Spanish to communicate with people, right?

The concept of language exchange is wonderfully simple: you help them with English, they help you with Spanish.

Get a head start by watching the real-world Spanish language videos provided by Fluent U.

This learning program has gathered entertaining clips from all corners of the Spanish speaking world, covering everything from Nicaraguan boxing to Cuban politics and our favorite translated musical numbers from “The Little Mermaid.”While watching Fluent U’s videos, you will get a fantastic sense of what it’s like to hear Below you’ll see the options for each video you come across.

When doing language exchange, your conversation partner will know your language level and can be more conscientious of their speed and word choice (if necessary).

You may want to brush up on your Spanish listening skills before engaging with a Spanish conversation partner.

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