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Kazem Finjan, Iraqi Minister for Transport, told a packed press conference the space station was developed in the El Naciria area in around 5,000 BC.It was used as a launch site for spacecraft to explore our solar system and discovered mythical planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, he said.You do know that a civilization that contacts you is capable technologically of at least that much.

Mr Finjan is not alone in his theory that ancient spaceraft were regularly coming to and from Earth and meeting with our ancient ancestors.And so each civilization is left to guess the other’s intent, and the stakes couldn't be higher.You can’t assume the other civilization is benevolent, and they can't assume that about you, either.Our first impulse, being friendly Earth types, is to reach out and say hi — from 1977’s Voyager to [email protected], we can’t wait to meet the neighbors. His concept of the dark forest, though presented in a work of fiction, is chilling, and very real.Some scientists, like Stephen Hawking, caution that this may be a lethal mistake, and others say, “Naw, not to worry.” Yet here we are, scanning the night skies, visions of in our heads. In , a character suggests the creation of an area of study called “cosmic sociology.” She describes it as a means of understanding the interactions of distant civilizations who know each other only as dots of light, light years away.

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