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Even with the best VR games to date, your headset is in the corner of your living room.

Maybe it’s starting to collect dust alongside the Play Station Move controllers you never thought you would have to buy at all, let alone at a premium. The various digital storefronts might not do the best job at highlighting the best VR games you can play in 2018, but we’ve tailored our recommendations to make up for the ostensible VR gaming drought.

When you sacrifice people to the got gods, you know you’re playing something special.

Ready to discover once-and-for-all whether X-Plane is better than FSX?

With so many titles to sift through, we’ve narrowed down our picks to a comparably slimmer 25 best VR games you can play right now.

So, dust off those head-mounted displays and keep reading for the most immersive gaming experiences you will ever have in your life.

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Ready to read the word ‘realism’ 46 times in a single hour, and spit feathers on discovering that the sim that .

From the team-based Star Trek: Bridge Crew to the action-packed Raw Data, here they are.

Joe Osborne and Gabe Carey have also contributed to this article When Owlchemy Labs released Job Simulator in 2016, we were immediately enamored by its charm.

JAST USA subsequently licensed Zettai Fukujuu Meirei under the title Absolute Obedience, while Hirameki International licensed Animamundi; the later game, although already nonexplicit, was censored for US release to achieve a 'mature' rather than 'adults only' rating, removing some of both the sexual and the violent content.

It’s clearer than ever that, these days, virtual reality (VR) is treated like a novelty.

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