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Moreover, students encounter content-area vocabulary infrequently outside of school, so they're unlikely to learn these terms indirectly (Worthington & Nation, 1996). Samuels (Eds.), What research has to say about vocabulary instruction (pp.

Teachers face the dual task of helping students master new conceptual knowledge and teaching the terminology that goes with it.

Amazingly, more than 80 percent of students' reading comprehension test scores can be accounted for by vocabulary knowledge (Reutzel & Cooter, 2015).

Yet, the most recent assessment of 4th, 8th, and 12th grade students' vocabulary development shows that at all three grade levels, U. students have demonstrated no improvement at all in their vocabulary knowledge since 2009 (National Center for Education Statistics, 2015). Where vocabulary instruction does occur, students often learn to view it as painful and meaningless: weekly word lists and quizzes.

Research going back seven decades demonstrates that vocabulary knowledge is strongly associated with proficiency in reading comprehension.

Large vocabularies lead to better reading performance (Baumann et al., 2002; Davis, 1944).

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Limited understanding of content-area vocabulary can lead to misconceptions and gaps in students' learning.

It can hinder future learning (Blachowicz & Obrochta, 2005) as students try to build new understandings on existing knowledge.

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