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Ryan Davis of Game Spot said, [I]"t's a little surprising how well the formula holds up in Diamond and Pearl, which is a testament to the strong fundamentals of the series as well as the quality of the execution.[35]" The games' Wi-Fi connectivity also earned largely positive reviews.1called the addition of wireless connectivity the games' «biggest improvements».In 2008 Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were nominated for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Children's Kids Vote Award.[89] In IGN's Best of 2007 Awards, Diamond and Pearl were named the best online multiplayer games and the best RPG games.In the 2006 Famitsu Game Awards, Diamond and Pearl won the Best Hit award and tied with Final Fantasy XII for the Game of the Year award.

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In Europe, the games sold around 1.6 million units within just seven weeks of their release and topped the charts in Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom.The player begins the game with one Pokémon, and can capture more using Poké Balls.The player can also use his or her Pokémon to do damage to the other Pokémon., «Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl») are role-playing games (RPGs) developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.With the enhanced remake Pokémon Platinum, the games comprise the fifth installment and fourth generation of the Pokémon series of RPGs.

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