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Marsha Thomason returns as Naomi Dorrit, the first person from the freighter to appear on the island and Marc Vann plays Ray, the ship's doctor.Alan Dale acts as Charles Widmore, the man responsible for sending the freighter to the island.Josh Holloway portrays the sardonic 815 survivor James "Sawyer" Ford.Naveen Andrews acts as 815 survivor Sayid Jarrah, a former soldier of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

Daniel Dae Kim plays the non-English speaking Jin Kwon and Yunjin Kim plays his pregnant wife Sun.Emilie de Ravin portrays single new mother Claire Littleton of Flight 815.Michael Emerson acts as Ben Linus, the leader of the Others.Mira Furlan portrays Danielle Rousseau, a marooned island inhabitant of sixteen years, who is reunited with her sixteen-year-old daughter, Alex, played by Tania Raymonde; Blake Bashoff plays Alex's boyfriend Karl.Nestor Carbonell is Richard Alpert, the ranking Other while Ben is held in captivity.

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