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It's based on a short story by Nolan's brother, Jonathan, and the sneaky boys get the audience to enjoy speculating on questions about reality, the workings of the mind, self-awareness, identity and time, all within the context of a compelling murder mystery.

The actors do a great job messing with perceptions, with both Moss' enigmatic femme and Pantoliano's impatient sidekick - new to Leonard every time he encounters them - swinging from friend to foe and back again.

For once you don't have to worry about giving away the ending, since this story starts there, with protagonist Leonard killing a man, and takes us backwards, scene by scene, to the beginning.

Or rather, it's a beginning of a particular sequence of events.

Although Harold Pinter did this in Betrayal, this is still something special, imaginative, and challenging, Christopher Nolan's exploration of memory and time toying with narrative and structure.

Genuinely perplexing and disturbing but still a thrill for true film lovers.

So always make sure you've read his text messages and identified the target of the latest request before ranking up the Moon Confidant again.

The film starts with the Polaroid photograph of a dead man.

* You must also complete the seventh palace to unlock this request.

Even though Mishima gives you most of your requests throughout the game, the only way to get these requests is if you raise his Moon Confidant rank.

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