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Still, critics said the number was likely much higher in the nation where sociologists say sex trafficking and sex work are important, oft-overlooked informal sectors of the nation’s key tourism industry.

It was unclear whether some referred to Ms Abidar’s portrayal of a sex worker, the attack or the government’s inaction.

I learned about their personal stories, their backgrounds, what led them to prostitution, their responsibilities to their families. But the Moroccan Cinema Centre knew you were making a film about this topic. I don’t think the responsible departments even saw the film when banning it.

They banned it based off reactions on the internet. Do you hope the film will help give more women a stronger voice in Morocco?

At the end of production, we also received funds from CNC in France, bringing our overall budget to 650,000 Euros.

Are there developments in getting the film shown elsewhere in North African or the Middle East? I can tell you it will be screened in cinemas in other Arab countries.

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