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And I don't think Shakespeare actually wrote, "The shit hath hitteth the fan." 2. A modern Gothic romance set on the island of Corfu, and in amongst all the murders and mystery, Stewart makes a compelling case that Corfu might have been the original for Shakespeare's island in The Tempest, with appearances by Ariel, Caliban, Miranda, and a legendary Shakespearean actor.3. Firefly's director did this modern-day version of Shakespeare's terrific comedy in two weeks at his own house with a bunch of friends, like, say, Nathan Fillion and "Fred" and Wesley from Angel.I didn't think I could like anything better than the Emma Thompson-Kenneth Branagh-Denzel Washington Much Ado, but I was wrong.4. This was a Danny De Vito comedy that was mostly overlooked when it came out, but it's wonderful.Simply being friends doesn't make a pair an example, nor does just being True Companions.Because most childhood relationships are inherently platonic, friendships between children do not qualify unless they continue into adulthood and remain platonic.Although a number of years ago I wrote a Christmas story called "Newsletter," in which the way you could tell that people had been taken over by aliens is that they were behaving nicely at Christmas.2. We saw ABOUT TIME, Richard Curtis's new movie about time travel to your own past.

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It's about an out-of-work ad executive who's forced to take a job teaching on a military base who resorts to Shakespeare to get through to his "dummy" recruits, and it has the best rendering of Henry V's St.

Crispin's Day speech I've ever heard, spoken, as it should be, by a soldier.5. No, not the Kenneth Branagh one, or the Laurence Olivier, or even the Mel Gibson one (which isn't all that bad, surprisingly.) This is the Ethan Hawke one, set in modern-day Manhattan, with polaroid photos of flowers, surveillance bugs, and corporate takeovers.

Relative Error would be somewhat the inverse of, but definitely comparable to, this trope.

Platonic Life Partners is a sub-trope in which the characters are not only close, but their relationship is the primary one in their lives.

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