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To make Origins, Bio Ware dredged up buckets of backstory from the minds of their best writers.

A new land was invented, branded with religious intolerance and inherent racism.

I put my mouse down, stood up, and paced around my room.

It's a rare feat when a game encourages walking, yet Dragon Age 2 does it all the time.

Chat roulette I found myself flipping between responses depending on the situation – actually using the full dialogue spectrum. Best be nice to her as she splutters her lifeblood all over the floor. Rub up against one of the game's Serious Moral Choices™ and your once-neat conversation wheel goes all muddled.

I killed the final Darkspawn, and the camera yanked out and away to a darkened room, and a dwarf with a hairy chest. This is Dragon Age 2's big conceit, and part of the reason the game hangs together so well.

The whole move took a second to execute, and impacted flesh with a shudder-inducing squelch.

Another move catapulted me out of battle with an instant backflip, letting me escape from an imminent battering.

Lothering, for those of you unfamiliar with the first game, was twatted square-on by the Blight of the Darkspawn (read as: 'pseudoorcs', fantasy noobs).

Hawke (I'll use the male pronoun here purely because I played as a dude) managed to escape, with family and fantastically trimmed beard in tow.

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