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Here it is for the Nokia 9210 series and 9500 series.Please let me know if an installer is completely the wrong one or if a download is broken.By 2002, fewer than 500 arcades remained, and total revenue had dropped to less than 0 to play ;) The backstory of the title or situation is what makes them really interesting.We're big fans of the Skylanders series and Swap Force sounds like a slick addition - aside from the different RFID required to make it function and necessitating a new portal.

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Some entries are in 'zip' format, meaning that you'll need to extract/decompress the contents before you can see the installer and readme (etc) files. Page last updated If you're a developer of any of the applications or games listed here, are still around (or even alive, in some cases) and object to this old software being put online, just get in touch and I'll happily remove it.

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Dora Ride Along Animal Photo Adventure is a fun educational flash game based on Dora the Explorer cartoon series.

I felt betrayed as though something of mine had been taken.

This was a familiar feeling - similar to my local arcade shutting down two decades earlier.

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