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Parts of the building can be visited, including the Cappella Palatina, an exquisite chapel containing rich twelfth-century Byzantine mosaics.

Check the opening times in advance (see links panel on the right) and be prepared to queue at busy times.

As well as churches and palaces, Palermo has some good museums to visit, including the Galleria Regionale in Palazzo Abatellis (closed Mon and Sun), and the fine Museo Archeologico Regionale, which contains exhibits from the famous archaeological sites in western Sicily.

In the Middle Ages, Palermo was one of Europe's leading cities, but nowadays the town is still trying to recover from twentieth-century years of blight.Preparing yourself with a map and a spot of research before going out exploring really pays off here.For travellers exploring Sicily's history, this is an important stop on a tour of the island and there are several unmissable sights.The cathedral's treasury contains the pretty jewelled crown of Constance of Aragon, first wife of Frederick II, along with her rings, which were removed from her tomb.The gloomy and dank crypt houses urns and tombs going back to the Roman era, some of them very fine.

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