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I can not for the life of me , see how this so called sargent would want to give up his life long ambition in the army to be the boyfriend of a woman who he has never personally met. if my thoughts are true, how do i break this news to her. There is no transfer of funds when they go on leave. They will pay for them to travel to any destination they choose. After this, since I had been skeptical for a while, I called her on it and she erupted. Since I called her on the scam, she said I better be careful before I get myself in trouble and that she knows where I live and my child’s name. If I were in your shoes, I would contact the authorities in your area.

The only requirement is that they fly back to the combat zone from the same location. You may also contact a CID (Criminal Investigation Division) for the branch of service she was claiming to be.

If he wants additional communication capabilities, he can easily afford the cost to do it. I have a few concerns and i need to know if my gut instinct is telling me the right thing, before someone i care for ends up seerioulsy hurt or scammed for money she doesn’t have.

therefore they will be using western union for the transaction.

Does anybody heard of Steve Frank Rock, who supposed to be stationed in Yemen. We been texting for a year and a half and never asked me for money, until now that he asked me for BTA money or airline won’t let him get on the plane.

Do soldiers have to pay BTA , when they flying back to the USA when they retiring?

I have tried to tell my sister this all sounds like a hoax, but she is falling for this MIKE guy fast. First, the military does not ask civilians (relatives or otherwise) to write to request leave for a soldier. Secondly, there would not be an exchange of money involved with it.

He apparently has 2 children who attend a boarding school. Then she said I could request leave on her behalf and she gave me an email address. They answered immediately asking me to fill out 1 form. The next day they asked me to Western Union 50 to her replacement in Ecuador and she would be granted leave within 12 hrs. They listed the Dept of Defense at an address not in the Pentagon, but at Washington DC, WA. I have all the forms and documentation and IP address. Quite a few that have contacted me about similar scams have said they and their families were threatened when they refused to send money (or refused to send more money).

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