Shakespeare retold taming of the shrew online dating

He shows her beautiful caps and gowns that he had especially designed for her, and when he sees that she is pleased, as he knows that she will be, he precedes to tare everything apart in front of her eyes instating that nothing is good enough for her.When they arrive in Padua, Petruchio asks Kate to kiss him in the street, she sees this as unseemly, he responds that they can always go back home so she agrees to kiss him, instead of kissing him on the lips as you would expect she kisses him on the forehead.She cleans things and make sure that everything is run properly.During this time she is also challenging Petruchio, he will challenge her back later when they find out that Bianca is going to wed Lucentio.Petruchio orders for food and it is brought out after some commotion in the kitchen, he holds off for as long as possible to try and ‘school’ Kate.Katharina is getting used to being a housewife, she takes care of everything around the house and starts to get everything set up as it should look.

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Throughout the first scene we see Katharina as if she was locked into the house, we see her behind bars and doors, never actually seeing her in plain sight.

This differs from the reading of the play when we see Bianca as a real person, and not someone that is easily controlled, we will also see this at the end of the play when she refuses to appear before her husband.

When we see Petruchio for the first time, we believe that he is only interested in Katharina for the money.

(Shakespeare 13, Act I scene ii, lines 64 – 75)When Petruchio first sees Katharina, we find out how he plans to woo her. We see however that the window is barred in a diamond shaped pattern, suggesting that Petruchio is just as trapped in his situation as Katharina.

The “wooing” scene between Petruchio and Katharina, is especially amusing in the version between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

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