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The first page we received came from a man in his 40s who told Lin to suck my cock. The next came from a couple who told us they didn't have a webcam.We decided not to waste our time with people that weren't broadcasting their own feeds.Lin gasped quietly, just as she'd done when she'd first seen my cock, and instinctively moved her hand to my lap to find my semi-erect penis.The stranger was named Mike and he lived in our city.My wife, Lin, and I have been married for two years.She's a 30 year old Chinese-American women; petite with shoulder length black hair.I have impressive stamina as well, and she usually comes 2-3 times whenever we have sex, which is nearly every day.Sex was good but my kinkier side still craved new adventures with Lin.

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After a few minutes of flirting, Lin seemed like she was ready to get down to business. Mike complied, obediently, and lifted himself up to slide his underwear off.Lin has a nice curves, full 32B breasts with perfect brown eraser-tip nipples.She also has a nice tight pussy that she keeps trimmed or waxed at all times.I concluded that Lin was drawn to huge cocks and DPs more in theory than anything else.She insisted that she had no interest in fucking anyone but me so, for the time being, the idea of a threesome seemed to be out.

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