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So people you will find us in the casino bar area lounge,the last time was a costume party and very busy,but we found the other fish pools out .This time should be easier for all to find and the fun should be the same ,just hope better turnout. Plus special thanks to others that have helped in the previous mixer event,emailing to the males due to the mail setting we have .27 03 - The original purpose of the M3 Trench Knife was to equip soldiers with a close .

Looking for a nice girl that likes a good man that can treat his lady right my grandparents told me to tre.. I am in my last year and will be entering an internship program in the fall.

That is what it is all about,to meet , enjoy and maybe have a LOVE connection ourselves .

Paul Thank you Science Gal4 u I was unaware,a joke was played upon myself , I asked others where Snickerdoodles was??

Average Member Brings Along 3 Guests Thank you Paul for doing the legwork to set this event up.

10 signups so far, all we need is 10 more so you can send the email out to everyone. Next Syracuse one will be on a different week so they cannot compete for people.

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