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I had to come up with other activities like fishing, biking, hiking, a trip to the gym, bowling, theatre, concerts, baseball games, football games...

AND they would add these activities I thought up and included them on their profiles...

That's when I checked the sex offender registry - found he was convicted two years ago. he DEFINITELY wasn't the person he said he was in the ad.

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When we first began dating and referred to being short, I was a bit taken aback. its very cruel and unfair i know.a lot do not divulge that they are married and are simply looking for an affair, i actually think its pretty bad for someone to be doing that and also very predatory.i have decided that i have had enough of dating sites, if anything id like to meet someone in an ordinary situation, if it happens it does and if not well such is life.

I would say that a good chunk of those profiles you say are untrue are probably true, in their eyes. but if you take someone who is always on the go, never sitting at home to watch a movie or catch the news, I might look like I have lied when my idea of active is walking around the park for 6 miles and biking around 20 miles and home in time to catch smallville. You read someone's profile and think of how similar they are to you in beliefs, interests or whatever else you have in common.

Or If I think that I eat healthy, and run into a vegan, they will think I am not healthy at all. Then you meet them and realize that what they said in their profile is nothing like how they actually are.

Makes no sense to me when at some point you're going to find out they're full of it...they'd want to get face to face with someone who's gonna either walk away or tell them off I don't really understand, but I guess some are so lonely they'd rather sit with someone 5 mintues and get told where to go than sit at home and get yelled at by no one. I have had more than my share of false information.

Most of the males I have come up on usually just sat on the couch , wanted to hang out and watched DVD'S.

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