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We look forward to our time with Fluenz everyday, and seeing Nora and Sonia again.It sounds silly, but having real people talking to us, even on a prerecorded video, makes everything feel so personal and encouraging, and makes understanding and retaining the information presented much easier than reading it out of a book or off a computer screen.That said, the Fluenz approach is perfect for us...they really do an outstanding job of explaining everything in an engaging way, with really nice visual queues.

I like to know as much as possible about the background of words, tenses, grammar, etc., so this is perfect for me.

Before you begin the exercises it is broken down word for word by an actual, on-screen teacher, and translated into English.

One of the best features Fluenz has within its lessons is called "Challenge Mode," which can be toggled on or off.

Fluenz has been wonderful so far, filling in some gaps formed over the years while at the same time teaching me new phrases and pronunciation techniques in each session.

Being able to recall vocabulary learned in the past and adding to my existing knowledge of French has been equally rewarding.

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