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It seems highly unlikely, but let’s say that was your final episode. Maybe there’s a particular goodbye scene — perhaps between Carol and Daryl — you would’ve liked to play?

I think all of the [actors] wish they had a scene with this person or had more time with that character.

It's really, really heavy,' the 47-year-old actor said on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

It was first broadcast on 18 March 1985 and currently airs on digital channel Eleven.

All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Jason Herbison.

I like watching all the characters around me couple up. I could see Daryl having that and I could see Daryl having that. But I think he’s finally getting to a point where he’d be open to something like that. For example, Merritt Wever and I started having scenes together, and we started to finally hang out and become friends. It’s hard for me to say goodbye, especially when you get to know someone. How does it compare to the five previous season finales?

I don’t think he has been open to it up until this point, to be honest. And he’s got a tornado-like rebellion against stuff. And it’s hard not to let it affect you when they go. TVLINE | Regardless of whether Daryl lives or dies, I imagine you know what happens in next week’s finale.

The 31st season of Neighbours began airing from 5 January 2015.

Cat Rogers began appearing in the same month, while Michelle Kim, Tyler Brennan and Nick Petrides made their debuts in February.

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