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Consequently, she was sending out a terrible message to the universe that money was bad and evil. She had decided prior to being born to correct this in this lifetime but did not realize it until our sessions.We had a healing session, helped her clear this block and move forward.As a result, she made a conscience choice to stop ‘hating' people with money.Instead, she took the attitude that money and wealth was abundant and available to all.As queen, Elizabeth made sure that all of her late mother’s relatives were promoted to the best positions at court, and she also wore a pendant necklace that contained a miniature portrait of her mother opposite one of herself.

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If you've ever “clicked” with a person–had that feeling that you've known them your entire life–then you've likely met one of your soul mates from a previous lifetime. Sometimes these lessons are painful but you chose to experience them in this lifetime to make you life BETTER.Her brief, catastrophic reign ended after just five years.It was up to Elizabeth to show them how it ought to be done.On the contrary: all this proved was what a great pragmatist Elizabeth was.She had no wish to alienate swathes of her subjects by openly voicing her love for the woman who was still reviled as the ‘Great Whore’.

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