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If she doesn’t make the finale, it’ll be a robbery so insane, it could fuel the plot of .

From there, though, it was a rollercoaster ride with rusty wheels — a creaky, unsteady affair that had its peaks and its exhilarations, but too often stalled beneath the weight of lofty expectations and comparisons to the original versions of the routines done in Lindsay Arnold & Cole Horibe I’ve never felt so much from a contestant dancing so coldly, but as the face of addiction tormenting Lindsay’s ragdoll frame, Cole brought to life a strange, impish villain that’ll probably haunt my nightmares for weeks to come.

Matthew Kazmierczak & Audrey Case Even with Mia’s reminder that the piece was about reconnecting with her late father in the afterlife, all I could get from the actual execution was a pair of twee, peekaboo-playing nincompoops tip-toeing through the tulips.

Nigel may have seemed way harsh when he grilled Audrey about whether she knew how old Mia was when her dad died, or pointedly asked Matthew if he knew what Mia’s dad did for a living, but I didn’t think it was unfair to delve into what intention — if any — they tried to bring to the floor.

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So scroll down for more information or share the link on social media to let your friends know what you're watching.The tactility of the intro was amazing — with George and Tiffany bouncing off that invisible forcefield, and then seemingly massaging a mass of actual liquid with their hands — and my only problem with the assisted run was the surprisingly poor camera work that failed to capture it in all its glory.My suspicion is that Tiffany’s critique was less a commentary on her performance, and more a way to set up her exit at the end of next week’s hour. ) ROUTINE I NEVER REALLY LOVED Amelia Lowe & Will Thomas I know “the Butt Dance” is an Emmy-winning piece of choregography, but to me, it’s kind of a one-trick badonkadonk, with too much “ha cha cha” miming and not enough real sexual tension.I loved how Whitney completely surrendered to the movement — her leap off the bench into Chehon’s arms was the most fearless thing we’ve seen on SYTYCD since Melanie’s Tookey-ian dive in Season 8.And Chehon, for his part, may be the best pirouetter (is that a word? The Ballet Boys offering him a job at any time and any place only confirmed it.

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