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During not as plentiful or as eager as usor commerce of the nut'Yn his sickness the Gazette will be in ual. houses were dynamited but with lit What will probably prove to be tle success. Some extra good steers were held at lie, refusing an offer of 10c. " ' MULES' HEALTH rintiflo I NURSE TO ASSIST ------ '"m i- -, 'ili.'.. House tion as to the reason of rejection, Thursday evening, May 30th, The merits of the Buick car is rapetc. The proceeds I mr' "i.:.1 idly making it one of tho most popiaifc Siiji- will be for tho benefit of Kens Tab HIGH SCHOOL WINS GAME - ular cars now on the market. Tho firo originated in a Also Hearst-Path Film News livery stable. Mae Murray In "On Record" Specially recommended tem of Musio." The exact dale of Also Mrs. Tho Third Annual Banquet" of the Alumni Association of the High School will be held Thursday evening, June 7th. Ho had been a fanner in the neighborhood where he died all his life. Fees reasonable, (27-ly- r) Number work guaranteed. REAL ESTATE A schools 4C churches women's clubs 10 7 . 4 Nudber of pupils examined' ..1,251 Ky, ALL KINDS Number found needing medical or surgical nttuiition Number of tuberculosis cases 10! That of itself will not relieve ing from Rome: "Tho world's food the situation if cxtravngance concrop is deficient and tho situation tinues.

uuiiuuj ntmitr in Mm intfirnflf ; vwutug, " " tuc Ab flof the American Red Cross Society. Tho several congregations 'of the "U, city will unite in a scrvico to bo held . A strong local chapter of j the orennizntion has been formed, n many n our citizens are mem- l M bera of " ino Pastors arc deeply aim mu aurviuu uuuuuj $f" .'night should bo Jargely attended. p'-jnieresie- ''Cyi ,'", )X & vfyt tr H 'a Tf nvnv? ygft Ttiero will be good music and a num- oi snore, spiruea uuutcmsum. School here the past four years, has been .4AMi141m ... Fair sized of the first 500,000 young, efficient huping for the speedy recovery of crowd at tho pens but buyers were soldiers without crippling tho this splendid young man. In an effort to stop nesday, May 30th, in the Court the sprend of the flames many fintf House Yard. Tom Fitzpatrick, a four cylin The Invincible Concert Co., com iected for military service 'and fur-- der touring car; Roy Byrd, a six posed of colored people, will give f'Tf t 3rift a the Commission with informa cylinder touring car, nnd A. Skid-mor- e, an entertainment at the Gauri t-va four cylinder touring car. W'r Aptonlo Moreno and Edith Storey In "Aladdin from Broadway" insurance. Alice Brady and Alexis Kosllff In "The Dancer's Peril" Also Secoud Paula Dlacton Story, "The Colllo Market" MUSICIAN COMING Miss Mary C. York City, will givo a talk at tho The Bad Man of the Films, Wm. Hart In "The Dawn Maker" Also Lonesome Luko in Fifteen Minutes of Riot Christian church in this city one night next week on the "Ideal Sys MONDAY, MAY 28th. agents for the Buick automobile, .: losis vuiiuuissiuzi nun u uusiru last week sold the following cars: flint. The Senior Class of tho High School is composed of the following: Misses Henrietta Coleman, Eula Elam, Eleanor Guilfoile, Elizabeth Clay Highland, Francos Kennedy, Anna Pinney, Dorothy Tyler, Pattic Thompson, Frances White, Martha Robinson, Mary Robertson, Georgia Wilkerson, . Carroll Chenault, Thomas Prcwitt, William Daniel, and Matthew Kelly. His name has been a in this section for many years and all sorts of thrilling tales in which he was the central figure have been related here. coming year, inv living on tho samo face tho fact that wo are up against oxtravugunt scale of former yenrs, a food shortuge, nnd gold can not wo as a nationswill strike tho rocks. Tho International Institute of pect of a largo increaso in produc Agriculture sends this solemn warn- tion.

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Auctioneer Wnltcr Boyd, of Bath county, cried the sale.

phrase, "He lives at home." For instance: A certain section of country has never heretofore raised sufficient potatoes for home consumption, It should bo tho aim hea of that section to raise every bush- b uwunaunktp"n o4 condition with nt , REMEDY Jk tuuiiiuijiearin Bluc water. Curei and prertata ' and if pos'siblo some to spare. alsd, and the two houses were hapindustry and thrift, living on a small mountain farm which he owns.

As Sterling High School team here pier because he had told her that be knows the relative value of real estate and other species of property, Friday afternoon. sweet old story of the Jove of a husband for a wife.

i know it cause my gf comes every time we have sex. had not been authorized it is bo lieved by Major Eli that there will uring Party at tho Rest Rooms Fri- Every convenience found in a modbe three or four more of tho camps. Bo sure nnd accept your Farmer Greenwade will be in charge ceptcd for the camp take the mat invitation nnd come. voc U GRADUATION Spring Dress Goods Tho Tho flowers of spring aro no moro appealing to tho senses in their chaste coloring and tonal effect thanour magnificent display of Spring Dress Goods. ers where they are not produced, This can bo dono by a. twenty letters written me by tho children after our visit. SENFF, Am enclosing my most interest Attornoy-at-Law,- J ing story. fat good ad vies on painting, for jobs big at little. to each ono rich, poor, high ftr Now, however, that surplus lias low to conserve (ho food supply. Sterling n ccond-cla To save n nation from undying Friday, President Wilson issued a shame. another way, but official comment FOR COMMISSIONER (DISTRICT NO. 2) - no well and is a fast road marc, not Dan Welch "I" shall not avail mys61f, at any afraid of autos. 37-rate at the present stage of tho Amidst the press of more excit KEV., S. AMb URGEY war, of tho authorization conferred Sonic months ago Rev. Democratic candidate for that office, at the primary on the first Saturday the chief and most immediately im PASS ON THE PRAISE portant purpose contemplated ly in August next. This filly was broken this spring and it looks like sho will bo a real good borso by tbo timo the races start. educator and a high class gentle man in every way and it is wjth. selves fpr military scrvico on June Corps of the United States Army The best steers tiold at 5 next. wherever this company has appear SENATOR BECKHAM RECOGSterling High School defeated NIZED BY ADMINISTRATION ed has always spoken very compli Military Institute Monday Senator Beckham will namo tho mentary. Marshall's reappointment, while tho ment of tho white people. Every man, woman and COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL that the full strength of the Na hild in Montgomery county should tional Guard would be drafted in plan to The Baccalaureate sermon wns come to Mt. It isn't the size of the town in which the mnn lives, but the SIZE OF THE MAN, that counts. Clydo Daraio will preach the baccalaureate sermon, at the Christina church. At eight o'clock Wednesday evening, June Oth, the ' High School 'Commencement will bo held in tho Auditorium. Dut it's a long jump between u promise and an empty stomach, ' Clark county woman. Seth Rupard, of Scwell Shop, Clark county, received a telegram telling of tho death of his ORGAN RECITAL C. Lilloy, which occurred at On Wednesday evening, May 23, Las Angeles, Cal. ffi'll H Illl- BBinillllllllll II II III lllll Uk" 3 tended 'li(l JMUQUUUUuu ll RHUtt DUU" Total amount of your salary 5.00 United States Tires are carried by the following Total amount given you for types of United States Tires exactly suits your needs: THE traveling incidental expenses .24 WILL HUNGER COME? It is useless to finding ourselves in his predica States is 0000,000 annually. ternoon in honor of Miss Downs, xxxx-x X":x X"X-xxx-4' Mr. after tho games a must appetizing has "many frionds here who will wish luncheon was sei'vv.i! was a pr.'ttv compliment to the in Frankfort for a fow Ndays. During his stay in' this city he has made o K'Jiost of friends, being a competent iifejfc.sj;.. A few and 30, inclusive, to register themamination for the Officers' Rcscrvo bunches weighed at from 9 to 10c. The High Sohool boys will fight against greatly appreciate tho encouragemade a determined meet Sharpsburg Thursday. A pair of heavy mules were sold nt 0 for the pair, they went to the oil fields. m to get a list of those re- - rg 0, Jf f I THE TABB THEATRE and special vocal music will also be CLOSING EXERCISES arranged. The sermon was a very A minimum of 320, all Governors. It matters not your .taste, whether you want the colors and patterns to whisper or Bhout, or just to pleasantly murmur, WE HAVE THEM. Jesus was a small town man, yet his ideas were big enough to conquer the world. Albert Shields, of thi city, and Miss Liela Prowitt, daughter of Mr. Arch Prcwitt, of near Judy, were married at the home ling Public Schools will bo ushered in on Sunday evening, Juno 3rd, when the Rev. Wednesday morning at ten o'clock the graduating class of tho High School will liavo its annual Class Day program during which novel features will be presented for tho first time. YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED At last we aro promised a reduction iu tho cost of foodstuffs. Notice W-- B' ri ,4 Owincrto the tremendous advance in everything" used m visited 131 Number of child births at IIII 111 111 H Hl!!! Gas Stove for Sale partment have estimated that the is up to every man, woman and child And now we are in grave danger of Small heater, in good condition, actual waste of food in tho United in tho country. Connor Ewing, Caleb every particular and quite a com Ra,tliff, of Owingsvillc, were visitors pliment to the honor guest. MWMWAA Tho homo of Miss Mildred Ton Miss Lillian Heinrich, who has kin on th6 corner of Clay and Elm been teaching nt Hazard, Ky., for tho past school term, returned to streets, wns the scene of a most Bam delightful card party Thursdnv afher homo in this city Saturday. Mary Scnff is visiting friends him prosperity in his new home.

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